Saturday, January 26, 2013

the texas cranes

they came a few weeks ago and i'm barely posting this! shoot. i'm sorry famille crane. i want to just take a moment and rave about the newest little crane, my beautiful niece, Millie. and by beautiful, i mean seriously gorgeous. she has the mama gene.

we came home from san diego early so that we could see matt, maddie, wells, and millie before they left back to dallas, and we are so glad that we did.

wells and sofia were quite fond of each other and i know this is just a picture, but I did get some cute video of them singing together i think sofia is just getting so pretty and looking so grown up. pss. that is not well's shirt, thats a bib he's borrowing :)

ok i love this picture because his shirt is no longer existent... and the way his legs look...

here's millie! i love her. do i seriously have to wait til july to see her again?? maddie, i'm sure you're coming to SLC sometime before right?

i put two of the next picture because for some reason, jeff loves to photo bomb pictures...and here's proof.

guys, we really love you and miss you a ton. can we come to dallas?

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  1. YES, why yes you can!:) C'mon already, you'll have a whole group to welcome you. Sofia and Wells pics are the greatest! Love your beautiful face.