Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Month of Love

i have really been loving some of the things sofia has been doing lately. kind of. you love it until you have to do it with her 100+ times in a row. here are some of the things she loves:

1. aladdin. we used to sing "i feel my Savior's love" every night to her. not anymore. she makes us sing "riffraff street rat, i don't buy that..." you know, that song. we also have to finish with the dialogue aladdin has with abu right after the song.

2. also from aladdin: she'll go under the dinner table, poke her head out over the bench, make you say "do you trust me" then she says "si" then together you say "then juuuuuuump!" while pulling her over the bench. remember that scene? again, cute, until you've done it 15x in a row. doesn't get old to her.

3. we listen to disney pandora at least 1-2 hours per day. she know every disney princess song and will dance with the specific princess figurine that is singing (thanks grandma queen, she LOVES them). she knows which princess is missing and we all have to stop what we are doing to find her, or she freaks out.

4. she planks. if you've seen the office, then you know what i'm talking about. the last picture below shows her planking randomly in our living room...and jeff put lucas on top of her for a quick photo.

grandma queen came to visit last week while jeffrey was in michigan for a phd interview. we love when grandmas come to play. so spoiled. everything they are wearing, including the socks, were thanks to my mama. come again soon. like next week?

did i mention how much i love this little man? he seriously is a mamas boy and i can't get enough of him.

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