Thursday, January 17, 2013

He's My Son, She's My Daughter

i find jeff and i saying this a ton, "she is so my daughter...he is so your son...she is so your daughter...he is sooo my son." so, i thought i'd document a few things that make these kids our kids. am i making sense here?

she is so my daughter
  • eats fruit like its going out of business
  • eats super slow (jeff can eat 3x as much in one sitting)
  • she has my nose
  • likes to be outside when it's hot
  • LOVES boots. wears them all the time, even inside (which bugs me bc we don't wear shoes in the house)
  • emotional
  • likes cars (i was obsessed with playing with cars as a kid)
  • loves to cuddle/hug/kiss/touch
she is so your daughter
  • same exact hair color
  • prefers sugar
  • loves to play in the snow
  • never runs out of energy
  • loves movies
  • loves drinks (i only give her milk and water, so when she gets something else, she freaks out with excitement)
he is so my son
  • thinks everything jeff does is hilarious
  • doesn't like to be alone
  • emotional
  • will not eat cold food
  • high maintenance
  • always wants to be held
he is so your son
  • easily entertained
  • big feet and hands
  • doesn't care so much about food (not as much as his sister and mom)
  • farts way more than sofia did (i'm not saying jeff does this, i just think it's such a man thing)
here are some pictures of my little man, just because...

i know you might think, "he looks exactly the same in every picture." well i don't care. i took about 15 more shots like these, you're lucky i only showed 4 of them. seriously, look at that face. and that cardigan (thanks grandma queen).


  1. I seriously thought, "awww I love those kids I wish I could see them" and then remembered that I can any time I want and got really happy!

  2. i do not think he looks the same in all of them, and i know that exact feeling :) I really like this post it's so fun!

  3. Awww! Such a fun idea. I love reading your blog so much. Never stop! ps you should move to Texas. pps that picture of Sofia and your grandma totally made me cry. You need to have that framed somewhere. BEST EVER.