Sunday, November 11, 2012

winter hit

before i talk about winter hitting...i thought i would start a little comparison of my two kiddos. i'll start putting a pic of them at the same age to compare their looks and size. what do you think? alike or different?

sofia mae: 5 months

Lucas Jefferson: almost 5 months

i've lived here 10 years. and i am still not used to the snow. the first time it hits big, i don't have the itch to run outside and play. i don't get that excited at the white blanket of snow covering our mountains.  i guess i'm grateful that it was only snow that hit us, and not a crazy hurricane (like it did for many other unfortunate people). but i feel like it came literally over night. the roads were ugly, trees were tipped over, the leaves all fell. sofia loves it. it meaning snow. she loves the touch. she loves snowmen. she loves the taste. her dad taught her that one. dad came straight home from work and took the kids out to play in the snow.

don't mind the large gloves. we haven't gotten her any yet, so she borrowed mine, and we stuffed em. she doesn't have weird, large hands. promise.

we just got her a snow jacket and i'm in love with her in it. seriously? fur hood? of course i had to get it for her.

they came back in, and had a cup of chocolate caliente. i think she loved it almost as much as the taste of snow.


  1. looking kind of similar to me, Sophia is for sure more feminine looking, cute either way!

  2. I was thinking that too. They look alike but in their respective feminine and masculine senses. I feel the same way about the snow. I think that must have something to do with being from California...

  3. I am taking credit for the artistry of those last two pictures thank you very much :)