Sunday, September 9, 2012

a nice surprise

i got sick again. mastitis only hits 10% of nursing moms, and i get it 2x in 2 and a half months??! what the what? anyway, my tia mary and all of her kiddos came up for a quick surprise. it was the best, and perfect timing with me getting over my sickness. i wish she could come up every weekend and help me out.

sofia and alec, alec and sofia. it was love at first sight. they were so cute together, and surprisingly played really well. i say "surprisingly" because sofia is at "that age" where sharing is not her favorite thing in the world. can you believe that? a one year old who doesn't share? crazy.

there is also one more picture with them taking a bath together, but jeff really doesn't like those kind of pictures. he thinks they are inappropriate. so i won't post them :)

tia mary spoiled lucas. seriously, he loved being held 24/7.

but who wouldn't want to hold this kid. love him.

tia, if you'd like to surprise me monthly, i'd be ok with that. sofia LOVED it. and i LOVED it. that should be enough.

love you Zelalas.

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