Saturday, June 23, 2012


thursday morning, 6:15 am, my first contraction happens. 10 minutes later, another contraction. 8 minutes later, another. 6:45 am, i wake up jeffrey. i decide to eat a bowl of cereal, then get in the shower and get ready. 9:00 am rebekah saves the day and comes over to watch Sofia. 

9:30 am we are admitted to the hospital. i am 5 cm dilated. everything was happening so fast. so much faster than Sofia. it turns out my nurse was my friend, jennifer, who I danced with at BYU. 

heather bliss was there every step of the way (just like she was with sofia). i was so lucky to have her document everything. her hubby, eliot, took over the "sofia shift" and ended up watching her from 12-4 pm! i was so grateful he was willing because sofia absolutely LOVES her tio eliot.

jeffrey was amazing through the whole labor, i didn't expect any less of him.

after just an hour and a half, i was dilated 8 cm. this baby was coming fast.

the amount of pressure i was feeling was unbearable, so jeffrey kept keeping me entertained to try to get my mind of everything.

we have a picture just like this with sofia's labor...

somtimes when i was in pain, he'd do something like this...unfortunately it didn't take the pain away, or make me laugh.

heather took so many pictures of jeffrey and i, which i was glad because i feel like we barely have any together. it's always of jeff and sofia.

here's heather...

yes i tried to sleep. so not successfully.

at about 12:35 pm, i started to push. after just a few minutes, i was so tired that the tears just started flowing. i felt like i had been pushing with every single muscle of my body...even my eyelashes hurt. how do people push for 3+ hours?? unbelievable!

12:45 pm, after 10 minutes of pushing...

lucas jefferson crane becomes the newest addition to our family.

check out his feet. massive.

 nothing like a father and son. although sofia is totally daddy's little girl, i could tell jeffrey's heart melted at the sight of his first son.

it's sad to see how swollen kids are right after birth.

love seeing Lucas' hand compared to jeff's.

my doctor, dr. savage, was actually out of town. she warned me of this and reassured me that her replacement, dr. harrison, was amazing. she was right. i absolutely loved her and would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

it's funny how a woman can devote 9 months to growing a child, then go through excruciating pain and rip her body apart, only to have a smile on her face a few minutes later, and an unexplainable amount of love for another human being. i guess this has to happen for the human race to go on.

how can you not love this little guy?

we love being a family of four. lucas has been an angel child. i think God knew i needed one in order to have more in the future. sofia was quite a challenge. understatement. he sleeps a lot. jeff and i aren't used to it, we check to see if he's breathing. or we are scared he'll be up all night. nope.

being a mom is seriously the best feeling in the world. the amount of help i've received is amazing. i'll blog later about all that...i just wanted to get the birth story out. hope you enjoyed. can't wait for you all to meet him.


  1. Congratulations!!! And pushing for only 10 minutes is something I hope I can say with this one! I pushed for over 2 hours with Janen. I have been praying earnestly that my second is also easier and sleeps better. I can't wait to see more pictures of your adorable son. It sounds like you went au natural? Am I wrong in assuming this?

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! He is so handsome. And you looked beautiful in all your pictures, especially after the delivery :)

  3. I LOVE your little Mexican! These pictures are beautiful! You're beautiful! I think my favorite feature on you is your smile, and then your gorgeous, beautiful thick hair that is never ever unkempt, even as you cry in labor! Amazing! (I couldn't hire a photographer, I'd die, and it would be way to fast. I'd be done before the flashes started! Hahaha, I'm totally kidding!) I love him though! LOVE LOVE LOVE him! And you and Sophia, and Jeff I guess, he flips burgers well...

  4. What gorgeous pictures! Beautiful mama and baby too! Delivering babies is pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing and CONGRATS!

  5. Congrats! He is so cute. I feel like I was there. :-)

  6. Congratulations! You have such a cute little family.

  7. i was just reading this post again and realized that i did not comment on it the first time! love your birth story - such a trooper not even going to the hospital until you're at a five. he is such a dream. seriously the cutest little man ever! i cannot wait to hold him - and i am so happy he is such an angel babe. i am seriously counting down the days until i get to meet him! little cutie.