Friday, June 29, 2012

The Help

i truly believe that every new mom should have hired help for a minimum of 6 weeks. someone to cook/clean/do laundry/play with your other children/bring you water/everything else. serious face.

that's why i love moms. pauline, jeff's mom, came to provo the day i got home from the hospital. she was AMAZING. i didn't touch a dish. she took sofia on walks. she got her dora stuff. she supported me through breastfeeding. she cried with me. she made me food. she held lucas. what more could i ask for? i am so grateful that i have a mother-in-law who i actually LOVE. not all my friends can say that. i want her to come for every baby, even if it's my 8th (not that i think i'm having 8 children!)

the day pauline went back to california, my mom flew in. i love my mama. sometimes i look at her and just think, "how did you do it?" my sisters and i are so close in age, it's crazy. she doesn't remember how she did it. let's see, what did she do while she was here? i didn't touch a dish, again. she cleaned my toilet. she organized the kids room (she's the most organized woman i know). she brought goodies for both the babies. she let me cry A LOT in front of her. she was my mom. 

i am so grateful for the help i have received through this tough time in my life. i forgot to mention one person. Ashley crane...jeff's sister. she was the one who stayed with sofia the entire time i was in the hospital. spent the night with her, fed her, changed her very dirty diapers, clothed her, danced with her, did "ring around the rosie" with her a thousand times, woke up with her when she had an episode at 3 in the morning (did i mention sofia got 4 more teeth since lucas was born, FOUR?!!). she loves her tia ash. i don't know what i would've done without her. 

i feel like i'm doing an acceptance speech of an award or something.

thank you pauline, mom, and ash. love you guys. here's a picture to make it all worth it...


  1. that did make it all worth it :) love you!

  2. He's so chunky I love it!!!

    I'm so glad you have wonderful people in your life to help you. I'm very fortunate to have a mother in law that I love and LIKE too! She's coming to stay for a whole month and I couldn't be happier. I hope you continue to get the help and support you need. I'm so nervous about having two children...

  3. Amen! Moms and moms-in-law are the BEST! So glad you had wonderful help. Hope the crying subsides soon. ;)
    Oh, and my little girl got her two year molars a week after we brought our baby brother home too. No fun!

  4. I don't remember that particular point of view. Absolutely spectacular!! I loved every minute of my time spent with you. You made me feel so appreciated! I love you too,or three or four!

  5. Jackie, oh my goodness I can't even tell you how beautiful you and your sweet sweet Lucas are!!!! I wish so much I lived closer to you, it would be so fun to see him AND YOU in real life. Glad you are getting some help. p.s. You are gorgeous and I love you.

  6. Thanks guys, for sharing such informative data.

  7. Your Mom is so awesome!! I miss seeing her while Ceecee's on the mish.