Tuesday, January 24, 2012

special delivery

what would we do without grandma queen? sofia got a special delivery in the mail yesterday, filled with clothes, a book, a new owl purse, 2 bowls, and socks. oh, and a couple shirts for me (love that my mom doesn't forget me). doesn't matter how old you are...when the UPS truck, fedex man, or mail man pulls up with a box, we all run to the window...

my fav in the box...a black trench coat for next fall. doesn't it look like a big girl coat??

she was ecstatic, to say the least. i wanted to get these next pictures in to show Ariel that she finally fits in to the shirt she bought her when she was born. she's representing her Tia Aya. amo.

and this one is to show how light her eyes and hair color are. crazy huh? yep, she's mexican.

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