Sunday, January 1, 2012

christmas preview

it's always a bummer when i don't get to spend my christmas in beautiful san diego, with my big mexican family that i love so much, but my second best is pretty darn good too. san fran was a gem this year, and the cranes are the best in-law bunch i could ask for.

here's a preview of our christmas with the cranes. these are all photos from other's cameras because i'm actually still in san fran, and i forgot my camera cord in provo. so they'll be more to come. if i get around to it...

jeff's lil sis, Ash, came home from her mission. there was 2 nieces and 2 nephews that she hadn't met yet. the kids were ecstatic to see her.

christmas eve dinner...after caroling. quick story...we caroled at this one house and a teen girl answered in a bikini. it was quite awkward singing "joy to the world" to her. her family wasn't home. but who is home alone on christmas a bikini?? at least it was a red one. i tried to cover jeff's eyes.

we also acted out the nativity, thanks to the cute costumes that brooke made. amazing.

there's aren't many pics of sofia, jeff, or i (because again, it's not my camera) here's one of sofia in her christmas pjs.

told you it was just a sneak peek. more to come. i promise. i get home tomorrow night.


  1. haha i'm laughing out loud right now. so many terrific moments but i think the bikini woman was perhaps the best of christmas. we had so much fun with you guys! working alone is not nearly as fun. love you three!

  2. You look pretty amazing in all that getup. Haha. Happy new year.