Saturday, January 7, 2012

i promised more

we are finally home. it's so nice. sofia has been in a pack 'n play, in our room, for 2 weeks. yikes. it's so good to have her in another room. sorry sofia.

san fran was amazing, to say the least. we went to sonoma, ca for a day and it was gorgeous. here are a few pics from that day.

oh jeff. poor sofia.

my nephew, Wells.

i couldn't believe how many pics i have with me and sofia. usually i'm taking all the pictures, and only sofia and jeff are in them!

double chin (sofia, mine isn't showing here, might be in other photos).

some cute family pics...

oh this girl makes me smile...

jeff and his brothers are sooo alike...

my nephew, seth, sofia, and my other nephew, wells. i can't wait to show this picture to them in 18 years when they are at BYU together...

i really do have the best sis-in-laws in the world.

christmas morning outfit.

back to our day in sonoma. this picture depicts sofia well. free spirited. dad wrapped around her fingers.
p.s. i love this huge blue chair. makes jeff look tiny.

here's my double chin :)

she escaped from us way too many times. she is sooo fast.

the boys took a break and went to an NBA game. kings vs. bulls. jeff didn't know whether to wear his bulls shirt (bc he's a huge chicago fan) or his BYU shirt (bc he's a huge jimmer fan). he went with his bulls shirt.

this is 3 of jeff's siblings. don't they all look so different? we definitely missed bret and kelli. matt, where were you for this picture?

again, i LOVE my sis-in-laws. LOVE that i don't have drama with any of them.

the only picture i took with just the two of us. i love this guy.

hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Jackie! My love! I just found your blog through a facebook post. Love you and your cute family. We are over at if you want to check us out! You are still so pretty with that gorgeous smile!