Wednesday, July 20, 2011


all day today I have been thinking about my 4:00 pm dentist appointment. i  have 3 cavities. THREE!! wowsers. i don't know what it is about needles that just freaks me out. come on, i've gone through labor and i'm still scared of the dentist?

anyway, all i have to say is: i. love. my. new. dentist. as soon as i got there, they put one of these on me...

yes, laughing gas. and i did laugh. then they numbed me. then they put the needle in to numb even more. i didn't feel the needle! it was fabulous.

i completely recommend my dentist.

jeff loved me when i got back because i was so loopy. he tried really hard to make me laugh, mainly because i couldn't smile, and i didn't know when i was drooling. he also tried to make out with my numb face. not successful.


  1. Cute redesign of the blog! In answer to your question, I am due August 9th but I would be totally fine with her coming a little earlier!

  2. How did you get your cute header? I love it!