Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crane Reunion 2011

one thing i love about jeff is his family. i say this not because I know they read my blog, but seriously, i LOVE them. a few things we did: eat, talk, play "dangerball", eat, outside games, day at the lake, eat more, family home evening, and the famous talent show.

i warn you now that there are a lot of pictures, but I wanted to put my favorite video first, so you don't miss it. the Crane family has an annual talent show, and you always have to bring your A game. we brought our game face for sure. it was special this year because each talent was dedicated to jeff's dad for his 60th birthday. so, to the beginning of the video its a slow song that jeff's mom and dad sang to all the grandchildren a couple years ago...we are re-inacting it (then it changes songs). sofia is on the left (8 months), seth in the middle (6 months) and wellsley (3 months). wellsley couldn't do as much as the other kids, which is why he is laying down (can't sit up yet), and a few times you see his head disappear because he can't hold it up yet.

Talent Show from Jacqueline Crane on Vimeo.

this is kelli.  she used to live in utah, now lives in kansas and i hate kansas for taking her from me.

logan was A LOT smaller the last time i saw him. now he's taller than me, with a very deep voice.

jeff's real other half.

my other half.

blake, with his popped collar, was so welcoming. love him. 

emily, on the left, announced she's preggers!! #5! brooke (on the right), not pregnant. would probably cry if she were (she has a 6 month old)

all the boys were matchy matchy with their BYU sweet 16 shirts. adorable. camille, show this to tij.

getting ready for the big talent show!

at the "beach" with maddie. i don't know what i'd do without her!

my babe and maddie's fell asleep together. touching.

why is my husband wearing his mom's hat?

the wrights

the texas cranes
 i put this next pic in not for you to see me in a bathing suit (post baby, ew)...and with no make-up...but so you can see the "beach" behind me. i put beach in "quotes " because to me it's not a beach! to me a beach has an ocean. but apparently everyone calls it a beach because theres sand. it sure is beautiful and way better than no "beach", right?

sofia loves g'pa

we love going to bear lake for our reunion. the cranes are an amazing family, i look up to them tremendously. they way they rear their children, the manner in which they treat their spouses, and their love for each other. i'm grateful to have married in to this wonderful family.


  1. i love that you called sofia your other half :)

  2. Just found your blog :)

    I can't tell you how much I LOVED that video! So stinkin cute. It totally made my day!


  3. Dear Jackie,

    You are SO pretty.


    PS. Where did you get your swimsuit?