Friday, July 8, 2011

I Promised You...

the longest post in history. here we go. feel free to get a drink, use the bathroom, or even answer a call from your mom while reading.  I better get at least one comment to make this worth it. 

jeff and i got 7 Peaks water park season passes, so we have been going there a lot with sofia. she loves every minute of it. i tried going by myself a couple times, and soon found out that dad is way more fun than mom. 

love the legs

a few weeks ago was the long awaited blessing of Wells Crane (maddie, i'm going to be honest, i still don't know how to spell his name. Welsley? Wellsley?). we went up to SLC and got to see the little man. love love love him, and can't wait to see him again in just a couple weeks. Bear Lake!


she is really really good at all of Jeff's tricks now.

for some reason, Sofia always goes for the eyes...

i love it when family is around. jeff's side or mine. doesn't matter. i can't get enough of family.

this was Jeff's first official father's day. i tried to do a photo shoot with sofia for a picture collage card i wanted to do. i was not successful. take a look...

it was tough. but it ended up being really cute. jeff has the collage hanging in his office, i think.

anyway, as a family, we have been working on having family home evenings. so this is one of our activities to the waterfalls. sofia loved it.

her favorite spot is on dad's shoulders. on top of the world.

she is growing so fast, isn't she?

yep, her eyes are still a beautiful blue.

my cousin, zoe, came for a visit right before going to a byu camp called soar (EFY for brown people). of course we went to 7 peaks. we loved having her visit for a few days. it was love at first sight for sofia.

we went up to park city this past weekend for another baby blessing. jenna marie stephenson. my beautiful niece (traci and chad's 6th child). unfortunately i forgot the camera!! i only had to pack for one child and only for a day...traci, how do you do it for 6 children for a week?? traci, if you have a picture i can use, send it and i'll post it asap!

i love the fourth of july! jeff and i haven't really been able to enjoy it the past couple of years. we kind of enjoyed this one, but again, we did  too much and were too busy. we do love our friends though. jeff camped out over night with "the boys" to get a good spot at the parade. sofia ended up sleeping through the whole thing, so i missed it. we had a big breakfast at our best friends, the Bliss. After was our bbq, with our friends below, plus the Zelayas and rebekah allred.

look at jeff here...

and here...

tia Mary and the kiddos have been here for a week and i am loving it! even uncle joe came. alec is a gem. noah is huge. audrey is beyond gorgeous. zoe is too smart. tia, you're too perfect.

they thought it would be funny to spike sofia's hair using milk. nice. she looks like one of the lollipop kids from wizard of oz.

today i absolutely loved her outfit, so i had a little photo shoot. she also found my vanity and had way too much fun with her new friend named reflection.

doesn't she look HUGE here? love the eyes closed.

told you she is big. 8 months already. i know, i can't believe it either.

this is our new macbook pro. i love it. the keys are fresh. no scratches. smooth. gorgeous. sofia, it's off limits. no joke.

i am back to blogging! i missed it so much. 


  1. Sophia is growing up so fast. is she crawling now? it looked like she is in one of the pics. Those father's day pictures were hilarious! It's funny how babies never cooperate when you really want/need them too.

  2. i feel so good about this post. we have missed miss sophia! she is getting bigger by the minute. i have many thoughts:

    -the first picture in the hat is beautiful.
    -super jealous that you have seasons passes to seven peaks.
    -this is how you spell wellsley. i know it's kind of goof... people really seem to struggle with it - feel free to stick with wells :)
    -i am obsessed with the pictures of her crawling on the grass in pink and orange!
    -fathers day photo shoot is priceless - love the crying pics.
    -makes me sick to miss the 4th festivities in provo! grapevine doesn't cut it.
    -her outfit in the last photo shoot is perfect. ready for the sartorialist to take her pics.
    -we are now crazy excited about bear lake! you're right - being by fam is the best. glad you've got to see yours so much lately.

    keep em coming! we miss you guys.

  3. oh and wells' looks like such a tank/disaster in all of the pictures from his blessing day! here's to hoping he's a bit more charming in bear lake. okay that's really it :)

  4. This just made my whole summer! I miss you Cranes terribly. Must see you. Now.