Thursday, June 16, 2011

I have followers!

Your comments made my day! More than just my mom reads this! So, for Sofia's followers I will do everything in my power to update this. Pictures will be coming as soon as we order our new Mac.

Please tell me if my child is a physically fit prodigy:

-5 months...crawled for the first time (reverted to army crawl for a bit)
-6-7 months... got her first tooth
-7 months... can now pull herself up to the couch and STAND. Oh no. She's really really good at this. Pulls herself up to a lot of objects and stands. She also scoots herself (walks) while holding the couch. Wow.

What is next?


  1. Careful, Jesse started climbing before he could walk... and he didn't decide to walk until he was 12.5 months. Have fun!

  2. she is a prodigy to me (i personally did not start walking until 18 months)! sorry i did not comment on your last post but i check your blog every single day. cannot wait to see your pimp new mac. lucky ducks. see you in one month!