Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today is June 23. My baby cousin, Audrey, is 14 today. I can't believe it. I remember the day my Tia brought her home from the hospital. I call her Drew. This is why she amazes me:
1. She sings better than Mariah
2. Dances better than half the people on SYTYCD
3. Has the straightest teeth ever
4. You can trust even a newborn with her
5. She has a Cindy Crawford mole that is gorgeous
6. She has legs longer than the Nile.
7. Let's me touch her skin
8. Doesn't have to blow dry her hair, or wear make up
9. Has a strong testimony
10.chooses her family over her friends

Auds pods, drew. I love you. Feliz cumpleanos.

Isn't she pretty?

She's the one all the way on the left. In the pink. Modest. Love it.

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