Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We love to SMILE

Jeffrey makes me smile a lot. He makes Sofia smile even more. Seeing her smile is better than eating cheesecake.

Heather was walking around our neighborhood taking pictures. She used us, the Crane Models. We didn't charge her, despite how demanding our modeling schedule is. 

I LOVE Jeff's real smile. You don't see it often because he's usually making a funny face in pics. This is real. Wrinkles.

I just have lots of real wrinkles. One for every hour lost of sleep.

She wins.


  1. yes they either do a dumb face or it's that fake crane smile, i don't know if you've noticed it, it's like a straight across smile, it's so weird and most of them do it. beautiful smiles you all have.

  2. Okay this is one of my most favorite posts ever. You are all so beautiful! Your smiles are contagious. Hope you are doing well!

  3. Just for the record, I really don't think I do the straight across smile that Brooke mentioned. :) Can't wait to see the smiles in person!