Monday, April 11, 2011

The Queen is Here.

The Queen is here to see the Princess. And she brought LOTS of gifts. You think your mom is crazy with gift giving to your children? My mom brought Sofia about 30 outfits. I'll really count them later, and make sure that wasn't an exaggeration. Here are 3 of my favs. 2 bathing suits, and a navy blue and white polka dotted coat. Love it.

The ONLY time I will let her wear a bikini. Jeff wants a long sleeve onesie under it.

Can you just picture her walking around in this with white leggings, and a little purse?
Ok, so secretly, I WANT THIS BATHING SUIT! For me. Not fair.
I'm ready for church, mom. She'll be walking soon...

She loves this lady who keeps bringing her gifts, keeps her stylish.

Tia Melody, do you like the dress you bought me on me?


 So, I really don't have to buy this kid clothes. Between my mom's visits (she brings a suit case of new clothes every time), Melody's impulse Fifer buying (she says she sees it and HAS to buy her nieces love), and Cam's making her the cutest outfits...I never have to lift a finger. But do I? Of course I do. She's my first. And I love her.


  1. Ummm...can your Mom come visit me next? Tell her not to forget her suitcase! hahaha. Love the polka dot jacket. Can't wait to see pictures of her in her new clothes.

  2. ooooh very cute. James's mom is the same way. She always buys Janen so many clothes. She had to have gotten about 80-100 pieces of clothing for her. I joked with James that we should'nt over due spring shopping for Janen because his mom is coming into town for graduation and will most likely spoil Janen. lol! gotta love grandmas!

  3. How amazing is your mom?! I love it. Polka dots are the best. I reeeally want to know where she got that little flowered swim suit. ADORABLE! As if little sofia needed anything at all. She is stunning.

  4. Ha ha, you crack me up.:) Thanks for telling my about the swimming suit! I actually made the curtains and the headband. I will totally make a headband for sweet Sofia, just send me your address! The curtains were crazy amounts of work. BUT, I totally copied urban outfitters because we are poor. Check them out! Love ya girly!

  5. I'm going through a Sophia withdrawal...I need to see more pictures!!! :) Hope you guys had a great time in CA!