Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Great City

She survived. Or should I say, WE survived Sofia's first plane ride. I was a little nervous and like a frantic mom, looked up tips for traveling with infants. Most said, they will most likely sleep the whole plane ride. And did she?

This is what she looked like the WHOLE plane ride. Wide awake. Playful, mouth open. Entertained many passengers.

 We went to beautiful city of San Francisco to visit Jeff's side of the family. One of the perks of going was Sofia got to meet a few of her cousins, her Tia Brooke, and Tio Mike. Cohen and Eden were soooo good with her. This was my fav, Cohen in the hammock cuddling with my girl.

Don't mind her Mr. T hair here. The cutest thing was when she started to fuss, Cohen looked at me and said, "I'm done." Wish I could say that sometimes.

Meet primo Seth. He is 3 months and so adorable. I love that such a big baby came out of little Brooke. He weighs 4 lbs more than Sofia.

We went to the farmers market and I LOVED the fresh fruit. Strawberries, oranges, and asian pears. Delicious. We took a family picture to prove we were all here...

There was a section for kids to play. Who ended up playing? My husband. Who knew that jump roping could be competitive?

I can't get enough Father/daughter pictures. She just loves Jeff so much. Who could blame her?

 I love that my family lives in San Diego, and Jeff's in San Fran. No matter who we visit, we get to visit some of the best places in the U.S. of A! We are blessed. We have a good life. A really good life.

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