Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Handful, a Mouthful

Sofia won't eat cereal. It's bland. It's gross. It's boring. Today, Jeff let her lick his strawberry. Bad idea...

About 20 minutes later...

She was really mad at Dad for "taking it away" (there was nothing left!)


All you moms thinking, "oh no, she's not going to eat anything else" or "now she's not going to eat her veggies..."
Whatever. It was adorable. And look at her now...


  1. Janen didn't and still doesn't like the bland taste of baby cereal so we started mixing fruit or veggies with it to add some flavor. Try that and see if she takes to it. I don't blame the girl for loving strawberries, they really are the best fruit!

  2. I wasn't afraid she was going to not eat veggies I was afraid she might get a rash, but she didn't so hooray! I always just put rice cereal in their sippy cups, they didn't seem to notice :) mmm rice water, doesn't that sound good! ha, they don't know any different.