Friday, October 1, 2010

More Showering...

I kind of like this whole pregnancy thing because people keep doing things for me. Throwing me lavish parties, showering me with gifts, telling me I'm cute. That last one is mainly Jeff. I had a shower last week thrown my dear friends, Laura and Heather. Unfortunately I don't have pictures yet from that one. I had another shower this past weekend thrown my Freshmen friends, Amber and Mari. It was fabulous. Every little detail was planned to perfection. And best yet, Jeff surprised me (again) and had my mom here for this one! Mari and Amber used a rising event planner for this event and I was so impressed with their work. Here are some pictures to enjoy!

I crave fruit, all the time. So, they made sure to have it there, with delicious yogurt.

I also want ice cream, all the time. Hence...

Beautiful, wasn't it?


  1. Beautiful pictures! Glad you are being treated so well. And sorry I couldn't be there for any of the showers! :(

  2. Yes, SO beautiful! So happy to see that you are being spoiled!:)