Saturday, October 9, 2010

Life is gooood.

9:00 am Woke up (take advantage of sleeping in before baby Crane comes, right?)
9:15 am Finally roll out of bed
9:30 am Make my husband come back to bed to snuggle
9:40 am Clean kitchen
10: 20 am Get ready
11:00 am Maternity Massage at Solase massage and spa
1:00 pm Temple with my hot husband
4:00 pm BYU Game
6:00 pm Pedicure (gift from my baby's daddy)

Don't you all want my life? My husband is so good to me.


  1. You do deserve it! Hope you are taking care of yourself. Teaching is challenging enough w out all of the joys of pregancy on top of it.;) Sounds like you are staying positive. Aren't thoughtful husbands the best?!