Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Sumo

We both really love Halloween. It's my birthday month, fall is gorgeous, and Jeff gets free candy. We went to a Halloween party last Saturday. Jeff came up with our costumes about 3 hours before the party.

Sumo wrestlers. Of course.

We won the table contest. If you reach in the black boxes...you either get a trick or a treat. Only one box had candy, and the rest...gross stuff that Jeff came up with.

Jeffrey found it really hard to sit down. For once he knew the feeling of pregnancy. He looks cuter fat than I do.

My little Prete twins. A cat and dog...so perfect. Hendrix is a big canidate for Baby Crane's future husband. He is a looker.

Still no Baby Crane out yet.


  1. You are the cutest pregnant sumo wrestler ever! I'm so excited for your baby to come, too! You'll be an amazing mom. Love ya!

  2. I keep wondering when it's going to happen! I'm sure you feel the same way. Great costume idea! ;)

  3. Oh my, what a hilarious costume. LOVE it. SO ready to see your beautiful baby!!!!

  4. Awesome, just awesome! I have to keep that one in mind! Can't wait to see that little snuggle of yours. You're of course such a beautiful prego! Post some picts of that baby asap!