Monday, August 30, 2010

And So it Begins...

Welcome to my 6th Grade class. Here they are. They are the ones that keep me up at night, that make me smile, that help me realize that I do have a calling in life, and who give me gray hairs. I'm really excited about this year's class. If you've read past blogs about my last years class, you'll know this one is heaven sent.

Kids say the darndest's mine for the day:
While teaching about Ancient Greece the students were shouting out different gods and goddesses they knew. One kid yelled out "Hercules." Then another kid yelled out, "No, dummy, he's a Demi-God." Another kid: "What's a demi-god?" Another kid: "That means he had sex with a god."

What do I say to that?


  1. Oh my cute kids, I know exactly who made that comment. :) They are so lucky to have you!! Good luck this year, I've been thinking about all of you a lot this week. Wish I was there with you!

  2. Glad you've got a better class this year! Hope you guys are doing well. :)

  3. OHHHH!!! I am loving it! Miss you....miss teaching...glad you have a great class this year! Keep us updated on that baby!!!:)