Monday, August 2, 2010

Crane Family Reunion

This year the Crane family reunion was at Bear Lake. Very memorable. Jeff has a very great family, a big family...very different from mine. 15 nieces and nephews, and all of them were there! And three on the way...mine, Brookes, and Maddie. Love having preggo woman to help me.

So I look gigantic here (I blame it on the position of the camera)...but whatever, the kids look cute and so does my Jeffrey.

Jeff looks up to his older bros. He's the youngest...sorry, Bret, I don't know where you were in this picture. Maybe I took it at like 1 in the morn and you were sleeping? Matt is in the middle, and Mike on the right.

People love playing with Photobooth on my mac. Can't you tell?

Emily is my sis-in-law who lives in VA. 3 hours away from my sis Candice. We love their 4 kids and its so great of them to make the trip every summer! Miss you guys already.

Jeffrey's older and wiser sisters. Traci on the left, and Kelli on the right. Someone thought Kelli and I were actual sisters. We look exactly alike, right? I don't know what that person was thinking...she's way cuter than me.

Toothless smiles are the best. If they don't grow in, Chad, don't fix it. Logan is getting so handsome, he's the one on the left and he's almost 13. Kelli, I hope you show this to him so he can be embarrassed that his fav Mexican aunt thinks he's handsome.

Everyone wants to be cute and fat, like me.

Blake is the only person in Jeff's fam that looks remotely hispanic. I think that's why I love him a lot. That, and he is an exceptionally happy child.

Thank you to the Cranes for another memorable experience. Next year Baby Crane will be the center of attention. I hope.


  1. Which Baby Crane?? :) Very cute pictures. I love that last one of Blake and Jeff. It was such a fun time!

  2. looks like a fabulous time! I am SO glad that you were able to get into Dr. Savage. She is wonderful and you will LOVE her as your pediatrition (however you spell that). So exciting!

  3. It was so fun seeing you guys!!! When are you coming our way? :) Hopefully we'll see you and that cute little girl soon.

  4. Hey William's family had a reunion at Bear Lake too, July 9-11!

  5. My website has five coats of arms with the surname Crane.