Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is It Noticeable?

sofia always has her hair in her face. i usually put it in a little rubber band to the side. BUT, she doesn't always let me. you see, i have to chase her in order to do her hair. can you imagine a 9 month preggo woman running after a VERY fast toddler? so...i asked jeff, and he said yes.

her hair has grown soooo fast in the past month. love it.



parted the other way...

i was crossing my fingers that i wouldn't butcher it and give jeff a reason to say "told you not to touch her hair." does it look ok? i could only do it while she was strapped in to her high chair, eating strawberries. she could care less if i gave her a mohawk...she had her strawberries.

quick update on sofia:

Sofia Mae Crane 18 and 1/2 months
weight: She lost a pound! Last time she was 29 lbs (98% wowsers) and now she's 28 (92%). I think bc bathing suit season is coming...
height: 33.8 in (95%, she is the avg. height of a 3 year old)
words in english: mom, dad, papa (grandpa), mama (grandma), up, ball, tent, no, book, poop, please, hi, bye
words in spanish: agua (water), mas (more),  bebe (baby), no, boca (mouth)
fav show: Dora
fav food: frozen fruit
fav toy: All of her books, she can't get enough of them. Reads in the car, in her room, anywhere.
teeth: 12 (4 mullers, poor girl. it's been a tough month)
sleeps: I really am amazed how much she loves her sleep time. the only kid i know that runs with excitement to her room when i tell her its bed time, or nap time...and blows me a kiss sometimes when i'm closing the door. amazing. dream kid.

i promise i won't do this every month. i'll do it again when she's 2. you have my word.

i've really been trying to cherish my time with this little girl. i know i have to share my time pretty soon. only a few more weeks that she's our only child. i just love her so much. this little boy has a lot to live up to. totally kidding. we'll like him, i promise.


  1. Ooooh how amazing is it to have a good sleeper. Beckett was one too until about a month ago. Now I am a very tired mama.

  2. hahaha bathing suit season.... and you did a nice job on the hair cut!

  3. Well apparently Rhett knows spanish too, because he calls babies bebe too. :) PS I'm DEVASTATED I didn't get to see you last weekend. I've bawled like a baby at least 5 times.

  4. I love hearing updates on Sophia! Check out my new blog post to see who I met a few weeks ago. You're gonna love it!

  5. I should probably tell you that you need to add "bird" to Sofia's English word list. She sounds a lot like Bambi when she says it. It was the greatest distraction the day after her mean parents took her to the dr. for shots. Maybe you should just let me keep her.