Saturday, May 5, 2012

Grandma/Great Grandma Ruth

jeff's grandma, ruth, lives in SLC and is turning 89 this tuesday! ruth is an amazing woman and we truly look up to her. so we thought it'd be fun to go visit her and take her out for a nice dinner. the city creek mall just opened and we've been dying to visit. it was breath taking. wish we had had more time there...

as always, we (as in jeff and sofia) had to play in the water...

we wanted her to stay in her stroller bc we knew she'd soak herself.

she was NOT a happy camper when we left the water. this is what we call her "funja" face.

...and this is her happy face when we went in to the disney store...

also, i'd like to brag for a second about my husband. he does such an amazing job with the up keep of our yard. just how i get anxiety when the kitchen's dirty, he does when the grass reaches a certain length. he just added red mulch to the greenery of our yard and it made such a difference. i can't imagine the things he'll do for the curb appeal once we actually OWN a home.

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