Sunday, August 28, 2011

We are Back!

jeffrey, sofia, and i have been in perfect San Diego (20 degrees cooler, might i add) for the past week. i have lots of pictures for you to be jealous of. i love visiting the family. I just wish candice could've been there. by the way, i gained about 5 pounds while there. I'm not exaggerating because i ate too much, i literally gained 5 pounds. i blame it completely on our favorite taco shop, Lolitas. we went almost daily.

sofia loved these little thingys...i don't know what to call them

diego, my nephew, turned two. mel threw a cute little birthday party for him and we were so glad that we were in san diego for it!

meet diego.

my daddy and his grandkiddos:

my sis, melody, and diego.

hector, his baby enzo, and me.

sofia is so photogenic, don't you think?

except here...

my cousin, alec, tried to help sofia swim, though he doesn't swim either

we had a carne asada at my dads house, which is also where i gained a pound. the following pictures are at my dad's house.

my sisters: sarah, ceecee, and melody

the boys: jeff and hector (my bro), sofia looks like a boy here

porcia (sis-in-law) and my baby gap model nephew, enzo.

i want isabella to move to utah so she can be sofia's babysitter. she's excellent with kids. she doesn't seem like a 5 year old.

ok, i totally lied about sofia being photogenic...what happened here, sofia?

the love of my life. we're a cute couple, aren't we?

good to be back.


  1. Love all your pictures...where is mine?

  2. Ah! Jackie I love your family and I love seeing how big everyone is getting! Looks like you had a great time :)