Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Change

remember the post when i was featured in julia's blog? go ahead, take a minute to look at the post.

we were in park city with another couple and i just had to go to the world market, because i LOVE it so much there (to me costco and target are like disneyland, world market is pretty close). anyway, i found some adorable knobs to put on sofia's white dresser. i'm so excited to move soon where i can completely decorate her room, it's going to be gorgeous. and you bet i'm going to post about it.

here's the white dresser before:

 cute right? especially since my next door neighbor gave it to us for free. we sanded it and painted it white. but it still just needed a little something more.

the only thing we have to fix is a little bit of paint that chipped off. minor detail.

i love the world market.

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