Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Love

Dad and Sofia came home with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. I think Sofia picked them out, and Dad paid for them. Good combo.

Sofia is still in a cradle, because she is so petite. She looks absolutely adorable in it. Thanks cousin Diego for letting us use your cradle. She also sleeps naked. Plus a diaper, because that would be a mess.

Love her.

I love picture for 3 reasons, and I am not embarrassed about them. 1. Her hair looks like a balding 40-year old mans. 2. It looks like she has a few chins here (even though she's pretty thin) 3. Her eyes look GORGEOUS! Still blue.

Sorry I blog constantly about Sofia. You would too if you were her mom.


  1. That is one CUTE baby.. usually. And don't we all wish we could sleep naked with a diaper? Ok maybe not..

  2. She does have the most beautiful eyes! Who doesn't think that a little latina with blue eyes is hot. I'm sure Reagan will think so. : ) And I love the balding man look. Reagan totally sported that too for a while. Till we shaved all his hair off. I don't know if you can do that with a girl. But she still looks super cute!

  3. are you kidding? sofia is all i mostly care that you blog about:) give me more!

  4. I love that you blog about her! She is perfect. That cradle is to die for. Love!