Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sofia Mae Crane was blessed by her amazing, loving daddy. The words were so special and we are so grateful for all our friends who came. Doesn't she look pretty? Thanks mom for the blessing outfit.

This is her Great Grandma Ruth. Grandma Ruth insisted that Sofia be named Jacqueline Elena Crane. We didn't go with it.

Jeffrey's parents flew in from San Francisco. Dave didn't touch her once. But I know he secretly loves her the most out of all his grandchildren. It's his only Mexican grandchild.

Right now this is her FAVORITE uncle Matt. Tio Matt drove over night, 20 hours, and slept at a Walmart...just to surprise us! It was so great to have him there and we love him and Maddie sooo much. I'm not sure why he's making this face here...Grinch looking?


  1. Still sad we couldn't be there! Looks like such a special day.

  2. Love you and Sofia! Thanks for putting that pic up. :)