Sunday, November 8, 2009

One of the Reasons I like being a Teacher...

Being a teacher does have it's perks. Summer vacation off, paid; all holidays off, etc. Well, one of the things I love is Halloween. My students and all the teachers dressed up and we had so much fun together. Our parents put together a fabulous party for my kids, and there was lots of treats involved.
I know I'm a couple weeks late, but here are some pictures of my Halloween adventure. Enjoy.

These boys did not want to reveal their identities.

This boy won for best costume, hands down. I didn't even recognize him when he walked through the door in the morning, and neither did his classmates. I'll never forget it.

This is our exchange teacher from England. Everyone here is always asking him to say "Harry Potter" of course he dressed up as Harry for Halloween. He's a good sport.


  1. you make a wonderful pirate! i loved halloween this year too, and what is harry's wand made out of? it looks like a chocolate covered pretzel.

  2. Yep...I love halloween! It must have been fun seeing all the different costumes coming in to class. I like it when people are so creative.

  3. Oh, you are just the best. Seeing these pics made me miss you, AND teaching. Looks like you are having so much fun! So glad I can see what's going on in your exciting life!:)

  4. Jackie! I need your address! You can e-mail it to me, or just post it-thanks! Hope you are doing great!