Sunday, August 23, 2009

What's the difference between "nice" and "romantic"??

My friend, Lynzy, and I were talking the other night about the difference between "things that are nice and things that are romantic". Most men don't know the difference. I know mostly women read my blog...take the time out to show this post to your husbands. Maybe it will help them. If you have something to add...please comment!

Things that are nice: Bringing home flowers for me after a hard days work
Things that are romantic: Flower pedals leading to a romantic dinner
Nice: Rubbing my back, or feet
Romantic: Turning our bedroom into a massage parlor, lighting candles, and massaging me until I fall asleep
Nice: Telling me I’m beautiful
Romantic: Writing a note to tell me I’m beautiful, and hiding it for me to find it sometime during the day
Nice: Buying me a gift on Valentines
Romantic: Buying me a gift you would usually buy me for Valentines, but it’s not even close to Valentine’s Day
Nice: Letting me have a girl’s night
Romantic: Planning my girl’s night out, and impressing all my best friends with a well thought out evening
Nice: Setting time aside to watch a movie with your wife
Romantic: Picking your wife’s favorite romantic comedy, snuggling up with her, and having all her favorite snacks ready, including chocolate covered strawberries.

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  1. I wish my husband did all this! Does Jeff do this? WOW!