Sunday, August 2, 2009

After we got out of horrible San Jose, this was our horrible drive to Arenal, the volcano town. I was so glad that Jeff was driving. Did I fail to mention that there are ZERO street signs in all of Costa Rica. So mapquest does not help whatsoever. I really had to trust in my husband. We are so glad that we both speak Spanish.

At our resort, there was a beautiful butterfly garden. Jeff went picture crazy. It was as if these butterflies were trained. They would flutter by, then land right next to you, pose, then fly away. They were definitely not scared of humans. I was just trying to stay out of spider webs.

This was our third day, in Arenal. We hiked down to the most breath taking waterfall I have ever seen. On our way down I saw my first wild boa constrictor. Getting down was like a free stair master workout.

This is the waterfall up close and personal. Jeff wanted to do a "mermaid pose" look to the left corner of the picture and you will see my cute husband, not a mermaid.

That same day, we went to the hot springs. This particular one was so hot that I could only put my feet in. I believe it was 112 degrees. Of course, Jeff got all the way in. This hot spring wasn't even the hottest one there. There were a total of 7, or 9, I can't remember. It was so relaxing.

We were sad to leave this great volcano town...but we were ready for the rain forest. On to our next city, Monteverde. Below is a picture of something we encountered on the drive. This little animal walked right up to our car. It must have done this before because it was not scared of us. Jeff decided to feed it cheese balls. We might've killed it. After we drove away we saw a sign saying "Please do NOT feed the animals." Oops. Better to ask for forgiveness then to ask permission, right?

A little bit more down the road, this was stuck , blocking the road. These men were torturing the cow to get it on to the tiny pick up. They even bit her tail so hard. I was hoping the cow would get mad and kick them and run free. We don't know what ended up happening because we were able to off road a bit and move around it.

This was just a large tree that I thought should be in some kind of Disney movie, don't you agree?

Jeff and I got to go on a canopy tour. It was amazing. Words just can't describe it, so here are video instead.

At the end of the zipline tour they snapped us from the stomach and we got to fly over the rainforest like superman.


  1. Your trip looks like it was so fun! How awesome to get away together. :)

  2. Wow, you guys are way too exciting. I'm so glad you started a blog!