Friday, September 6, 2013

When You GIve a Wife a Kitchenaid...

when you give a wife a kitchenaid, she's going to make you chocolate chip cookies...weekly. and gain some weight. sofia loves to make cookies with me. i really don't know how to use the kitchenaid to make anything else yet, so it's getting good use just for this.

since sofia loves making cookies, and jeff loves eating them, and i don't mind eating them better believe we have perfected the recipe. thanks heather bliss.

 last week making cookies...

two days ago making cookies...

it's getting harder and harder to entertain these kids since i'm now 9 months pregnant. every day sofia asks to go to preschool. it's so not fair. all of her provo friends are looking cute on their first day of school and she's stuck at home with me. she looks 5! come on people. when she starts pre school next year, she'll look like a kinder kid. maybe even a 1st grader.

we still listen to pandora disney daily. lucas is very comfortable with his masculinity and will therefore dance to princess music...

MVI 0071 from Jacqueline Crane on Vimeo.


  1. They are adorable! I loved spinning as a kids and Ethan was doing it the other day and totally hit his forehead on the counter. From now on I think we'll need to clear the space. :) If you ever have leftovers send some cookies our way!

  2. Bellos, hermosos, lindos, bonitos, guapos...y la lista sigue. Los amamos!