Thursday, August 23, 2012


i have been completely spoiled. i'll admit it. i have had a lot of help with the two kiddos.

my dad and my step-mom drove up from San Diego, spent the day with us, then drove back the next day. isn't that crazy??! they wanted to meet lucas so bad, and see how much sofia's grown, that they took the time out to come up for a quick weekend.

going up the canyon to see waterfalls is one of our favorite things. so we took them there. you don't get much of this in san diego.

the grandkids all adore my dad. sofia fell in love with him quickly. he didn't even have to do anything. not fair! i bathe her, feed her, clean her poopy diapers, and i still have to work hard for her approval and love.

this little guy loves anyone who will hold him...

after their quick visit, my cousin, Zoe, moved in with us. she came up early to get a job before BYU starts in the fall. it gave us a glimpse of what it will be like with a teenage daughter. i loved having her here so much, and sofia was very fond of her new roommate.

a few weeks later, zoe's parents came up to get her settled in. tia mary came early to spend time with me and the kiddos. we went up to the alpine slides in park city.

jeff said sofia did great on the slide. the scary part was riding the ski lift up to the top of the slide. sofia kept peeping down, and wanting to stand up. jeff thought she was going to jump off.

 this is zoe, our adopted teenage daughter.

this week, the fun ends. i will no longer be spoiled. that is, until my older sister, Melody, gets here in september for a wedding.


  1. Something about Grandpa's I tell ya! Janen loves hers and will immediately jump into their laps when she see's them, but will hesitate initially with grandma's. Looks like you've been up to lots of fun this summer! P.S. I need to see more pics of that handsome boy! :)

  2. I didn't realize how much you look like your dad! You both share a smile and radiate happiness. No wonder Sofia loves him. I'm dying to meet Lucas, but I don't trust myself not to knock you out and run away with him yet... the minute he gets cranky, call me and I'll be right over for a visit. (Nvrmind. I'll still want to keep him.)

    Really, you can trust me. I'll give him back. (maybe)

    When can I come see him????