Saturday, December 3, 2011

what a dear.

sofia is kind of attached to me. i'm really trying to teach her to play independently. she doesn't freak out, crying, when i leave a room. she just follows me. which makes it really hard to do anything. ANYTHING.

yesterday morn i was having one of those mornings where i just needed 15 minutes to call my doc's office, go to the bathroom, and eat some breakfast. anyway, she was following me, but wouldn't stop whining. so before i lost my patience/mind, i stopped, bent down to her level, and talked to her in a "serious" voice: "sofia mae. i need you to stop whining, stop following me, and just give me 15 minutes to work on a few things." she looked at me seriously, hugged me, patted me on the back, then kept her head on my shoulder. so i took her to her crib (even though it was 2 hours before her nap). she played in her crib, quietly, for about 20 minutes.

what a dear.


  1. I just love little moments like that when you know your kid really gets what you are saying and what you need. That's why I created "quiet time" for Janen. Every day for about 30 minutes, Janen has quiet time in her room all by herself. Now she looks forward to it and will even ask me to close the door. LOL!
    And by the way that outfit is killer on sophia!