Monday, November 14, 2011

My Man

it's 11:00 pm. one more hour to celebrate my hubby's birthdate. he's stuck doing homework, a huge assignment he just found out is due tomorrow. ouch. what would i do without this guy? boy am i glad his parents made him, and raised him to be the person he is.

my top ten fav things he does:

1. lets me sleep in EVERY morning while he gets up with sofia, feeds her and plays with her till i'm ready
2. checks that all the doors and windows are locked before we go to sleep
3. eats candy likes its going out of style, and doesn't gain any weight!
4. gets up early Sunday mornings for church meetings
5. sings and dances to high school musical with sofia (and sometimes without her)
6. thinks my skin is the softest in the world. sofia comes in at a close second.
7. really loves his major and is excited that's he's in graduate school
8. he is willing to work for his family
9. checks on sofia at night to make sure she's warm and alive
10. prays with me every night and thanks God for marrying me

i sure do love my man. happy birthday jeffrey paul crane.


  1. Happy Birthday Jeff! He sounds fantastic. You are lucky to have such a great guy.

  2. Happy Birthday Jeff! Sounds like he had a crazy busy day. Glad we still got to say hi! :)