Friday, May 21, 2010

Fun Run 5K

Every year our school does a 5K race with the community. I personally don't think the words "fun" and "run" should go together. There were 483 runners, including kids, parents, staff and community members. My students look forward to it every year, because they all want to beat me. A couple of them did this year...they are way too fast. That day I let them know I was 4 months pregnant and that they let an older pregnant woman beat them. Suckers. I got first place for adult woman.

The gunshot fires and this is what it looks like. Scary for the photographer huh?

A few boys would sprint, then walk, and as soon as I caught up, they'd sprint again. They just would not let me pass them. At least I kept them going...

After I finish the race, I always go back and chase my students who are walking to the finish line. This is my student Christian. He came in boy did I chase him at the end.

6th grade boys, growing, going through puberty...some of them will be so good looking in the future.

At the end they were smiling...during the race, not so many smiles.

The other 6th grade teacher and I think these two should marry because their babies would be gorgeous!! He is handsome and she has very green/blue eyes.

5 more school days and counting...


  1. Lucky! Only five more days--we go until June 17th. :)

  2. you are an inspirtaion, 4 months and still doing a 5 k and STILL chasing your slow poke students. can't wait to catch up. love ya!

  3. What?!! OH MY--SO EXCITING! Congrats! How have you felt? Can't wait to hear what you are having! Good job on the running, you didn't see me out there doing that last year :) way to go!

  4. you're preggers!?! how exciting! so happy for you!

  5. Hey Momma J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! I hope you realize with all those "!" how freaking excited I am for you!!! I know school is probably consuming you this last week, but call me when you can and I want to hear the far along are you? What's your plans for next year? Jeff graduated? When are you moving to Dallas?!? We have a couple extra rooms! Muah! (That's a kiss on the cheek) Miss you!