Sunday, February 28, 2010

San Diego Trip

Jeff and I got to go visit my family in San Diego over President's Day weekend. We had a few reasons to go down: Dad's 50th birthday party, Alec's blessing, meet Enzo, be with the family, get away from Provo, and eat good Mexican food. Jeff and I stayed at a different place every night. The first night, we were at Melody's house, where she had a bowl of candy ready for my Jeffrey.

Meet Alec. My beautiful Aunt Mary had a baby boy and we finally got to meet him! He has darn good hair, he also only cried when he was hungry. That's how my babies will be. It was love at first sight.

Meet Enzo. This is my latest nephew. My bro, Hector, and his wifey, Porcia, just had their second baby and he was precious. Seriously, mixed babies are gorgeous! He smelled so good.

Our first day there, we went to the Mormon Battalion in Old Town. We went with my mom, sisters, Zelayas and Nana. This is a picture of my cousins, Audrey and Zoe. They've grown up so fast.

This is Noah, trying on pioneer gear.

The next day, we went to beautiful Mexico for my dad's 50th birthday. This is a picture Jeff took at the hotel that the party was at. I miss the ocean scenery.

My dad is the good-looking, not so old, man at the right. He had no idea we were throwing him a big party. He thought we were just having a BBQ at his house. Little did he know what we had up our sleeves. Mariachi, DJ, dinner, dancing. It was great.

After the party, all the kids stayed at my dad's beach house. In the morning, my step-mom made us a home-made mexican breakfast: beans and chilaquiles. Soooo good. Jeff's still not used to eating beans for breakfast. This is what the upper deck/roof looks like.

On Sunday was Valentines Day. When we got home from church, my mom had decorated the house with Valentines stuff. Jeff was really excited when he saw the platters of desserts on the table. He licked a few so no one would eat them, and hid a few too.

Our trip was a breath of fresh air. 80 degrees the whole time we were there, not a cloud in the sky. I love my family and I'm so grateful to be close to all my sisters, and even closer to my mom. Going home is the best.
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  1. That is seriously your parents deck?!?! Jealous. Also VERY jealous of your trip, how fun to have a get away. Especially in the blah month of February. Your parents are SO YOUNG looking! That's great you're so close with your family! Hope Franklin is treating you well these days. Love ya girly!

  2. That looks like a great trip! It must have been so nice to be in warm weather and enjoy the ocean. How fun!

  3. yaye for going home! Don't u LOVE cali!?! haha..and you look so cute!

  4. such cute babies and GORGEOUS fam. glad you were able to go! take me next time.

  5. JACKIEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
    how are you my love???? hope all is well.

  6. Looks like so much fun - and so warm!!